Sydney heat wave adds to workplace dangers

Date: Jan 16, 2017

Depending on the industry you work in, there are a number of reasons their safety can be compromised while they perform their role. However, while some dangers vary from job to job, currently, most workers across Sydney are suffering a specific type of risk.

A heat wave is expected to see temperatures rise beyond 38 degrees in Sydney city and 40 throughout the rest of NSW. With those working outside facing extra risks until the heat wave passes, any errors that occur due to heat exhaustion and related conditions could lead to TPD claims if workers are seriously injured.

What does the heat wave mean for people in NSW?

An article published by warned the the increasing temperatures are going to bring a range of dangers beyond just dealing with extra heat. The article notes that the heat leads to a higher level of ozone in the air, reducing air quality and heightening the effects of pollution on people who suffer from asthma.

Asthma Australia CEO Michele Goldman warned people about the risks and encouraged them to stay safe, whether they are at work or at home.

“These conditions cause the muscles around the airwaves to tighten, become inflamed and produce mucus, so the airwaves become narrow. There is much less space for air to move through, making it harder to breathe,” Ms Goldman told

SafeWork NSW also publicised warnings about the rising temperatures, reminding businesses that it is their responsibility to keep employees safe in extreme conditions such as this. Executive Director Peter Dunphy of the organisation notes that it’s not just the physical dangers of the high temperatures that can impact worker safety.

“The heat can reduce a worker’s concentration, ability to recognise risks and communicate effectively which can potentially result in serious injury or even death,” he explained.

“Outdoor workers and those working in hot environments such as roof spaces or other confined areas are most at risk.”

SafeWork NSW writes that businesses can unnecessarily increase the risks employees face by not providing access to drinking water, not offering adequate shade for those working outdoors and by failing to ensure they are properly dressed for the role they are performing.

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