Sunshine Hospital doctor assaulted at knifepoint whilst leaving work

Date: Nov 21, 2019

Thugs forced a doctor from Sunshine Hospital to his car at knifepoint, which the assailants then stole. The physician lambasted his employer, Western Health, for what he described as a lack of support and victim-blaming in the wake of the incident, according to The Age.

Threatened with a knife and marched to his car
The junior doctor had finished his shift in the pediatric emergency department on Nov. 12 around 11 p.m. and was walking to his Suburu Impreza sedan, which he’d parked on Mulhall Drive instead of a car park at the medical centre.

“I am upset and angry about what happened to me,” the doctor said in a social media post. “But I am more upset how my case has been handled by Western Health as they have not notified my incident to all the staff members at Western Health and are blaming me for not using the staff car park.”

Management at the health care company, which employs nearly 6,500 people, defended its response to the incident.

Russell Harrison, chief executive of Western Health, said the armed robbery victim had “received extensive support and care” and that staff can ask for escorts to their cars.

Workers compensation applies during commute
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The junior doctor isn’t the only Sunshine Hospital employee to be assaulted recently. Less than a week after that incident, a registrar suffered a broken tooth and was robbed in an assault near the facility.

Police urge health care workers to ‘Walk in groups’
Western Health released the following warning for employees in a Facebook post: “Police have advised us to urge you to be aware of your surroundings if you are walking to your vehicle or public transport and not be visibly checking mobile phones whilst walking,” the statement read. “They have also suggested as a precaution, that staff parking off-site or going to the station should, where possible, walk in groups or obtain lifts from colleagues.”

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