Our Remarkable Success Rate

We have run Over 26,000 compensation claims and have obtained a successful result 98% of the time!

Of these 26,000 plus compensation claims:

a)  In less than about 100 matters we withdrew the case (at no risk or cost to the client due to poor prospects of a win .i.e. less than 1% )

B) Less than about 35 have proceeded to a court hearing  where the client lost the case! I.e. we have lost less than 0.27% cases run!!

c)  of those 35 lost cases, the client was chased by the defendant to pay costs in only about 12 of these cases but even then we negotiated a very reduced costs figure to assist our client.

d)  in over 35 years of legal practise our firm has had no more than a handful of complaints about our costs which were all resolved amicably.!!!

We are very proud of these results.

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Take The Next Step

At Gerard Malouf & Partners we offer a service of the first consultation free to ascertain details of your claim & explain our services that only require payment if the action we undertake on your behalf is successful.

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