Study finds workplaces causing mental illnesses for millions of Australians

Date: Jan 15, 2020

The stresses of the modern workplace are making millions of Australians sick, a recent report found. The survey, conducted by mental health organisation Superfriend, states that 50 per cent of Australian workers have experienced mental illness at some time. Furthermore, 43 per cent of respondents said their workplace was to blame.

Stress in the workplace

The study surveyed 10,000 individuals and found stress to blame for much of mental illness among employees. These illnesses include depression and anxiety, largely due to the stress of deadlines, unreasonable workload and interacting with customers and clients.

The study found employees in manufacturing, public administration and safety and construction were the most likely to experience mental illness due to their workplace. The report further found that many believe their workplaces could do far more for those with mental health issues, and have almost no safety nets in place. Just 15 per cent of employees surveyed said they felt they were getting appropriate support for mental illness from their workplaces.

“Stigma around mental health issues has not improved at a national level over the last two years, with the latest research showing that 13 per cent of Australian workers have experienced this stigma in their current workplace,” the report said.

Workers compensation payouts top $543 million

As more employees find themselves suffering from mental illnesses due to work, thousands have had to pursue workers compensation to treat and recover from their illnesses. The report found 7,200 Australians received compensation for workplace-related mental health issues, totaling $543 million.

Mental illnesses are highly treatable, but depending on the severity of the issue, individuals cannot always work while recovering. A workers compensation payout can help individuals find appropriate treatment and spend time recovering until they are able to return to work.

Have you sustained injuries, psychological trauma or become ill due to your workplace or employer? If so, you may be eligible to receive workers compensation to help cover ongoing care costs, loss of income and pain and suffering. It can be difficult to go through this process on your own, whether dealing with mental or physical illnesses, but you don’t have to take on this challenge alone.

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