String of fatal car accidents in NSW

Date: Jul 12, 2012

A string of fatal car accidents in NSW over the past few weeks serves as a sombre reminder to stay safe on the roads.
Motorists are being urged to exercise extra caution, especially when travelling in wet or icy conditions.
In addition, police are out in full force, monitoring highways and other areas where speeding and reckless driving is of concern.
They are currently undertaking a specific operation on the Hume Highway called 'Operation Highway 31'.
Superintendent Stuart Smith of the NSW Police Force's Traffic and Highway Patrol Command is reminding drivers to be careful or risk facing the consequences.
"We are out in big numbers for this operation, and due to the recklessness displayed by some drivers so far, we are likely to increase our levels of enforcement," he explained.
"Motorists should bear in mind that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated, and they may find themselves with not only a steep fine, but having to attend court."
Although the police are doing their best to ensure that drivers stay safe on the road, there have still been a number of serious collisions.
A 10-year-old girl from Sydney and her grandmother passed away in a fatal car accident near Forster on July 9.
The other passenger in the car, the 10-year-old's older sister (12) is in hospital in a serious condition after she sustained catastrophic injury.
At this stage the exact cause of the crash remains unknown but police are doing all they can to investigate the situation.
Inspector Tony Powell spoke to the Great Lakes Advocate (July 10) about what they know to date.
"In the vicinity of Burraneer Road she [the 75-year-old driver] appears to have crossed to the incorrect side of the road and veered off the road and impacted with a tree. As a result the driver and one of the passengers were trapped," he explained.
The Great Lakes Advocate reported that this crash came after another fatal incident on the same stretch of road in June.
Last night (11 July) a separate crash – this time a head-on collision – occurred on the Sturt Highway near Balranald at approximately 18:00PM, according to a police report.
A 63-year-old man passed away at the scene.
This incident followed a fatal pedestrian injury in Greenacre yesterday morning, where an 87-year-old man was struck by a dump truck in a parking lot.
Police are appealing for anyone with information from the above accidents to call their helpline.

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