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Staying safe on public transport

Even if you do not drive a car or even hold your driver’s licence, that’s not to say that you do not have a certain responsibility to uphold when you use the roads.

Those who opt to walk, cycle or take public transport should still exercise caution and make sure they do not put others at risk with any reckless acts or behaviour.

This is especially important when using busses or trains or other environments when you are placed in a vehicle with a lot of other people, and often do not even have to wear a seatbelt.

Being highly intoxicated or under the influence of any other illegal substances could make you a hazard to both the driver and to your fellow passengers. The same goes for being in possession of an illegal weapon.

Yesterday evening (Thursday July 5) at approximately 19:30, officers from the police transport command arrested a man on a train near Moss Vale.

The officers were patrolling the train service as part of ‘Operation Southwest Endeavour’, accompanied by trained drug dogs.

A 23-year-old male from Wagga Wagga was stopped, searched and arrested after police discovered what they believed to be a stun gun.

The man had allegedly made this illegal weapon out of a shortened cattle prod.  He is scheduled to face charge of possession of an illegal weapon without a permit at court in August.

These public transport officers are on the lookout to enforce the law and try to catch those in possession or drugs or generally participating in anti-social behaviour.

A similar operation was held in Sydney’s south and southwest in late June.

Titled Operation Merge South, on June 21 and 22 police officers, Railcorp Transit officers and State Transit Authority officers patrolled public transport in what was labelled as a “high visibility” campaign between the hours of 14:00 and 02:00.

As a result, thirty people causing danger or involved in illegal acts were arrested.

Operation Merge commander, superintendent Bernie Ryan, said he hoped this presence would discourage others from causing trouble on public transport.

“We really hope this type of operation will act as a deterrent to anyone thinking of misbehaving or conducting criminal activities on public transport,” he asserted.
“Everyone who uses public transport has a right to travel safely and without fear of becoming a victim of crime or anti-social behaviour.”

If you are involved in public transport accidents then you may be entitled to compensation.

There are personal injury lawyers in Sydney that may be able to help you make a claim.

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