Staying safe during ‘Schoolies’

Date: Nov 19, 2012

As the end of the academic year fast approaches, many school leavers may be looking forward to ‘Schoolies Week’, a tradition where students go on holidays to celebrate finishing high school.

This celebration is popular around the country, especially in NSW where we have easy access to some of Australia’s favourite beaches.

Although students are encouraged to enjoy finishing school, officials are urging people to be sensible over this holiday period.

Police from the Byron Bay area are going to conduct a “high-visibility operation” over the next three weeks to help ensure that everyone stays safe and abides by the law.

They will be working to protect not only the young school leavers but also members of the local community and tourists visiting the area.

With the increased amount of people visiting Byron Bay during the Schoolies period, there may be a higher risk for car, pedestrian, bicycle or motorbike accidents.

People may like to remember that they could be eligible for compensation should they be the victim of an accident.

There are lawyers in Sydney who may be able to help you make a claim. These lawyers operate on a ‘no win no fee‘ basis, meaning that you do not have to pay unless your claim is successful.

Detective superintendent Stuart Wilkins said that the Schoolies campaign will focus on prevention and minimising the risk of any type of accident.

“During ‘Schoolies 2011’, more than 10,000 school leavers visited the area, in addition to hundreds of day trippers and other tourists each day, and police will be out in force this year to minimise the impact on the local community,” Mr Wilkins said in a statement.

“We are encouraging everyone to have a great time, but be sensible, be responsible and look out for your mates.”

Police will be conducting breath tests and monitoring the roads closely. The campaign will target antisocial behaviour, illegal drug use and supply, criminal behaviour and alcohol-related offences.

Superintendent Wilkins shared some friendly, practical advice with the students about consuming alcohol during Schoolies.

“We are also reminding schoolies to think before you drink – don’t start the rest of your life on the wrong side of the law,” Mr Wilkins said.

“Alcohol impairs your judgement and leads to poor decision-making, so know your limits and don’t take risks that could lead to you becoming a victim of crime or an offender.”

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