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Stay safe on the roads this long weekend

On the eve of Queen’s Birthday weekend, motorists in the region are being encouraged to stay safe and practise good common sense when behind the wheel.

This is because holidays are a time of the year when more cars are on the road than ever, which can dramatically increase the risk of collisions.

In an attempt to try and improve road safety and decrease the amount of car accidents that occur over the long weekend, the New South Wales police unit have issued a statement reminding drivers to stay alert.

Their advice comes as part of the police’s annual Operation Stay Alert campaign, which they run over Queen’s Birthday weekend.

NSW Police deputy commissioner Nick Kaldas advises people to pay attention to basic road rules – there is no room for complacency.

“Drivers should focus on the simple tasks that were at the forefront of their minds when first getting their licence, including; taking care, slowing down, driving to the road conditions and leaving plenty of time to travel to their destination,” Mr Kaldas explained (June 6).

Extra police units will be out enforcing road rules over the weekend to try and minimise risk and catch culprits before their reckless driving leads to anything serious.

There will be high visibility patrols, extra breath testing stations and random drug tests. Police officers will also take double demerit points off your licence if you are caught speeding or without a seatbelt or helmet.

The Operation Stay Alert campaign ran last year – over 4,500 motorists were issued with speeding tickets and more than 7,000 other driving offences were recorded.

In addition, a concerning number of people – 383 – were caught drink driving.

Despite these precautionary methods, there were still four fatal car accidents. Mr Kaldas said that “one death is one too many”.

He is encouraging motorists not to take any risks this weekend that could lead to a consequence as serious as the loss of lives.

“The best news I could have as a deputy commissioner is that not one life has been lost on our roads this long weekend,” he stated.

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