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Stay safe on the roads during State of Origin

As footy fans around the country are gearing up for tonight’s State of Origin clash between the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons, the police have issued a reminder to people attending the match to stay sensible.

“We want everyone to be able to enjoy State of Origin in a safe, secure and family-friendly atmosphere,” south west metropolitan region commander Frank Mennilli said today (June 13).

The game is being held at ANZ Stadium in Sydney Olympic Park, which means traffic heading in that direction is likely to be heavier than usual.

Police are encouraging people to leave their cars at home and make the most of public transport, as officers from the Police Transport Command will maintain a high presence on trains, ferries and buses to and from the park.

However, motorists still choosing to drive to the venue may want to exercise extra caution on the road.

Over 80,000 keen fans are expected to attend the event, meaning even if many people do not take their cars the streets surrounding the stadium are likely to be overrun with enthusiastic pedestrians.

Some of them are likely to be intoxicated, which suggests that they may not be looking out properly for oncoming motorists.

While the police will be doing what they can to ensure anyone acting irresponsibly and putting others in danger or discomfort will be arrested and removed from the scene, it is a good idea to keep extra wits about you.

“State of Origin is one of this state’s premier sporting events and we will not tolerate alcohol-fuelled violence and hooliganism that places fans – including the many families who’ll be present at the stadium – in danger,” Mr Mennilli asserted.

If you want to plan ahead you can keep an eye on traffic updates on

It could be a good idea to leave as early as possible so that you can keep your stress levels down – those that are rushing to get there on time may be more likely to drive recklessly and take risks.

And the wet weather hailing down on Sydney only underlines the need to exercise caution.

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