Speeding motorcyclist stopped after three police pursuits: report

Date: Sep 07, 2012

One 21-year-old male is lucky he did not end up in a serious motorbike accident after he led police on three separate pursuits this morning in the south of New South Wales.

The young driver of a black Yamaha Y6 motorcycle was allegedly caught travelling at a speed of 142 kilometres per hour in a 110 kilometres per hour zone at approximately 08:20.

Police attempted to pull him over but he evaded their pursuit, ignoring the sirens and refusing to pull over.

According to a police report, he sped away at 200 kilometres an hour – causing officers to call off the pursuit for fear of endangering others on the road.

However, it was not long until another group of police officers spotted the same motorcycle on Muttama Road, Cootamundra, at about 08:40.

Once again, the 21-year-old accelerated to unsafe speeds and the police had to stop the chase.

It did not end there – officers caught up with the driver again in Stockinbingal. In this case, the male left his vehicle and jumped a fence, running through a paddock on foot.

Members of the public assisted police, who finally managed to catch up with the man and arrest him.

He was taken to Cootamundra police station and will most likely be issued with infringement notices for leading police on a pursuit, dangerous driving, and speeding.

Officers were patrolling as part of Operation 31 when they first spotted him this morning.

Operation 31 is a special campaign focused on reducing incidents and fatal car accidents along the Hume Highway.

It began in July and is set to continue until the end of October this year.

So far police have made a number of arrests and – as in the case of the motorcyclist from this morning – preventing incidents from escalating into accidents.

The motorcyclist may receive fines and be charged with infringements, but if the police had not caught him his speeding may have endangered others on the roads.

There are speed limits put in place for a reason – going above and beyond them can have serious consequences, resulting in catastrophic injury for parties involved or even death.

Police patrol the roads to enforce the laws, and always urge people to exercise caution when behind the wheel.

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