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Speeding drivers a potential danger to school kids

Almost a quarter of all road accidents involving a pedestrian or cyclist happened during the same times of day that kids are travelling to or from school, according to claim statistics from GIO Insurance in a statement issued today (January 29).

Of these, one eighth occurred between 3pm and 4pm – the same time of day when many children are returning home from school.

There could be many factors contributing to such statistics, but it appears that one of them is drivers ignoring speed restrictions.

Research conducted by GIO found that approximately one in six Sydney drivers admitted not paying attention to restricted speed limits in school zones.

“While the majority of drivers have the good sense to follow the law and slow down around schools, there still remains a hard-core of motorists who believe they won’t be involved in an accident,” said GIO’s Duncan Bone.

It may well be that many drivers are simply unaware that some areas have speed restrictions in place.

Over three-quarters of Sydney drivers polled by GIO said they were still at times uncertain about what the speed limit was in some areas, as they can vary so much.

It is the combination of confusion regarding speed limits, the stresses of driving at peak hours and having excited kids in the car that adds up to “a recipe for distraction and danger”, according to Mr Bone.

GIO advises drivers to take extra care as kids head back to schools this week, and above all to expect the unexpected.

Drivers are encouraged to always keep a look out for disembarking children around cars and buses, and to refrain from using personal or in car devices when passing through school zones, so as to stay alert to their surroundings.

Those drivers, passengers, pedestrians or cyclists who have been injured as a result of a collision with a vehicle may be entitled to car accident compensation.

If you’re unsure whether you may have a successful case, talking to compensation lawyers in Sydney is an excellent idea.

For any drivers who are unsure about how up to speed they are on NSW road rules, the upcoming Road Rules Awareness Week will give them a great opportunity to brush up on their knowledge.

During the week, to be held from February 4-10, road users can phone 123 213 during business hours and ask about any road rule they want. They can also visit to read the NSW Road Users Handbook.

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