Speed limit changes boost safety on M2

Date: Aug 21, 2014

Accidents on the Hills M2 are common and often cause headaches for motorists trying to head out of Sydney.

For drivers, heading westbound now from Delhi Road to the entrance of the Westlink M7 at North Ryde, recently completed upgrades should improve safety. The speed limit of the whole road now is 100km/h, as previously it changed as motorists headed west and caused safety problems as drivers entered and exited speed zones.

Bus lanes have also been widening to stop buses stopping on the motorway and creating dangerous situations for other motorists.

For the last couple of months, construction teams have been working on ensuring the 21km stretch of road can handle Sydney’s growing population as well as a greater speed limit. More than 100,000 motorists use the M2 each day.

Minister for Roads and Freight Duncan Gay explained that these upgrades solve many congestion problems in the area and hopes there will be less accidents as a result.

“Motorists using the Hills M2 instead of the alternative Epping Road route in the morning will have an average travel time savings of 36 minutes,” he said.

“In the afternoon, for motorists using the Hills M2 instead of Epping Road route, an average journey will take 41 minutes less.”

The M2 eastbound upgrade is also on track to be completed by early 2015, and the speed limit will also be extended on this side of the motorway as well.

According to NorthConnex data, between 2008 and 2013, there were 149 recorded crashes with 62 injury crashes on the Hills M2 Motorway.

In additional to this, over 50 per cent involved rear-end collisions. This means one party was at fault for following too close or being inattentive on the road. Heavy vehicles also accounted for about 17 per cent of all vehicles involved in crashes along the motorway.

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