Sofala smash claims the life of 21-year-old female

Date: Nov 21, 2011

A 21-year-old woman died in an accident in the central west of New South Wales after two cars were involved in a head-on collision.

At around 21:25 on November 17 police say they received reports of an accident between a Mazda sedan and an Isuzu four-wheel-drive on Peel Road near the town of Sofala.

The incident inflicted severe wounds on the 21-year-old female passenger of the Mazda, who later died at the scene.

According to official reports, the 22-year old male driver of the white sedan suffered serious chest injuries and was take to Bathurst Base Hospital where he remains in a serious but stable condition.

The occupants of the 4WD were also taken to the medical facility – the 41-year old male driver experiencing difficulty with his breathing, while the 38-year-old woman suffered a broken wrist.

Reports also indicate the surviving female passenger was pregnant – however there was no indication that the accident had caused harm to her unborn child.

Police from the Mudgee Local Area Command attended the scene, while officers from the Chifley Crash Investigation Unit began examining the scene for clues that could indicate what caused the accident.

Consequently the roadway was closed off for several hours while the area was combed for evidence to be included in the coroner's report.

At this stage it is unclear what caused the two vehicles to collide as police have not indicated where the vehicles came to rest, nor which lanes they were travelling in before impact.

The injured parties – whose cases range from minor to serious – are likely to need ongoing medical treatments.

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