Slipping due to poor flooring maintenance and design

Date: Nov 10, 2016

A recent lawsuit was decided in favour of a customer who filed a public liability injury claim after running through a shopping centre and slipping and falling on wet tiles. The store was found to be negligent in maintaining the floor.

The case

The Supreme Court of NSW ruled that the Plaintiff was owed compensation of $75,547 after falling and injuring himself in a shopping village.

At the time he fell, it was raining and the tiles were wet. However, Lexology states that the company failed to take appropriate precautions to assess and respond to slip risk by planning and implementing routine checks on the maintenance and review of flooring. In addition, the company did not apply or periodically reapply anti-slip coating, create a slip resistant surface, replace the tiles with a more textured alternative nor did they lay the tiles in a way the allowed water to run off.

Therefore, the Defendants were held liable for the injuries that the Plaintiff alleges to have suffered to the neck, back, shoulders, arms as well as psychological injury (though there was no evidence provided by a psychologist or psychiatrist in court).

Take note, however, that the Plaintiff was also charged as contributing to negligence by running through the store. His running through the store resulted into a 10 per cent reduction in the amount of damages he was owed.

Public liability compensation for improper design and maintenance

If you have been injured due to poor workmanship in a building, then you may be entitled to claim public liability compensation like the Defendant in the above case did.

Faulty building structures that cause injury, or even death, are often due to negligence of engineers, architects, builders, developers or the company.

Gerard Malouf and Partners’ Public Liability Compensation Lawyers are experts in lawsuits involving poor building design or maintenance procedures that caused injury. We have the know-how and financial backing to take on large manufacturers and insurance companies. We also have medical experts at our disposal to assist in documenting your injuries as well as engineering to assess building designs. Our accountants are also useful in helping out with any financial questions.

You shouldn’t have to suffer in silence after slipping and falling if you think it could be due to negligence. Contact us today if you think you may have a case on your hands.

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