Slip hazards dealt with by local council

Date: Apr 04, 2012

The hazards represented by slippery surfaces should not be underestimated, with a combination of slick exteriors, unyielding materials and high foot traffic presenting a significant risk to members of the public.

This was the case for a number of people in Bega, who found that the feature tiles used in the construction of a path along Carp Street were quite dangerous to casual pedestrians.

A report published by Bega District News on March 30 tells the tale of one victim who slipped on a paver outside the news office.

It details how a sudden fall saw the woman end up with a cast on her leg for a period of seven weeks after she managed to fracture her metatarsal during the incident.

The injury meant she had to spend an extended period of time away from work as she was unable to travel to and from the office each day.

Even after the plaster was removed, the victim still required the aid of crutches to walk and has only recently returned to her job after an extended period of sick leave.

The victim told reporters that the wet conditions had made the tiles quite slippery – despite the actions of the council, which had been applying a special spray in order to give them more traction.

She asserted: "I slipped, my foot rolled and I nearly fell over. I hobbled back to the car, but by the time I got home it was excruciating and I couldn't walk.

"I told the council straightaway, suggesting they should remove the tiles as they are dangerous."

The woman went on to say that the material being applied by the council to the pavers "clearly didn’t work" and that further action was required.

Following the publication of the article, the council began removing some of the feature tiles and filling the gaps with standard cement mix.

A spokesman for the local government explained that the rest of the pavers would "ultimately" require extraction for public safety.

"We've been spraying them with [anti-slip] material… it would appear that, exposed to the weather, the material doesn’t have as long a life as we'd expect," said the spokesman.

It is understood that the victim in the initial report will be seeking adequate compensation for medical fees and out-of-pocket expenses – most likely with the assistance of a personal injury lawyer.

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