Slip and fall injury claims may be a concern for Queensland Rail

Date: Aug 15, 2013

The number of people who are injured at Queensland Rail stations is on the rise, putting the city at risk of expensive slip and fall injury claims from the many commuters who walk in and out of the areas every day.

Queensland Rail recently released a new report that showed slip and fall accidents were the most common cause of injuries at the stations. Going into Rail Safety Week, officials with the Transport Ministry hope to make people more aware of the dangers of slip and fall cases, and to encourage people to avoid what causes them.

New data show about two people slip, trip or fall in some way at the stations every working day, up from figures released last year. The data is compiled by accident reports and reviewing footage of people falling down.

In addition to the signs that plaster the walls of stations, Queensland Rail is releasing this footage to the public to raise awareness of about slipping hazards. The videos show commuter after commuter slipping while they're in a hurry, or tripping going down the stairs.

Scott Emerson, Queensland's transport minister, said he hopes the footage will jolt people into understanding the dangers of rushing through the station.

"I'm concerned when I see an increase like this, particularly the number of people hurting themselves because they were not paying attention or rushing to catch the train," Mr Emerson said.

"Many slips, trips and falls can be avoided by holding the rail, taking your time and avoid being distracted by mobile phones. While more than a third of these incidents occurred at the CBD stations, this footage shows care needs to be taken right across the network."

Protecting itself from lawsuit

While Queensland Rail is certainly looking out for the safety of train passengers who rely on the stations to get to work, the organisation also has to worry about the liability issues that go along with accidents that occur here.

According to the Courier-Mail, at least one lawsuit has already been filed against Queensland Rail. Grahame Cornick, a 74-year-old man from Rockhampton, broke his leg when the train accelerated.

Mr Cornick, who was onboard the train, is seeking about $200,000 in damages, however these have not yet been awarded.

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