Single car crashes can still be fatal

Date: May 23, 2012

There have been a number of accidents in New South Wales involving only one car recently, highlighting the importance of staying focused when you are behind the wheel – even if you seem to be the only one on the road.

On Monday (May 21) a man believed to be in his early to mid-40s died when his timber truck veered off the road and rolled into a paddock.

The accident happened approximately 20km south west of Casino on Mongogarie Road at around 14:30.

While it is unsure what injuries he sustained, a police report confirms that the driver passed away at the scene.

This accident comes after a series of single car crashes have happened on the streets of NSW.

On Saturday May 19, a 64-year-old woman died in the New England region after her Ford Falcon crashed into a tree at approximately 12:30 during the day.

She was travelling on Red Range Road in Glen Innes. Police believe she may have crossed onto the other side of the road before the collision.

The following day (Sunday May 20), a man driving on the Central Coast also collided with a tree and died at the scene.

He was driving a Subaru Liberty along Wilfred Barrett Drive in the early morning at approximately 07:00 when the impact occurred.

Police closed down the street, cornered off a crime scene and traffic diversions were put into place.

None of these fatal car accidents are believed to have involved other vehicles. In the aftermath, a NSW coroner’s report is usually commenced and police often call for any witnesses to come forward to help them with their investigation.

The exact causes of these crashes remain unknown.

To stay safe on the roads, drivers should pay attention not only to other traffic, but to speed limits as well. When travelling alone, it is important to remember to stop for regular breaks as fatigue behind the wheel can be fatal.

It may also be a good idea to pay attention to weather reports and adjust your speed to suit the climate conditions.

If the cause of a single car crash appears to be contentious, victims or their families may need to look into speaking with a car accident law firm.

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