Sheet metal workers face asbestos risk – study

Date: Apr 09, 2015

Sheet metal workers are an important part of the construction industry. Responsible for the installation of metal products such as ventilation systems and the fabrication of air conditioners, they are often working in confined spaces or operating in dark spaces.

However, up until now, their exposure to asbestos has been largely unknown. This was until the findings of a recent study from the US was released.

Published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, Dr. Laura Welch and John Dement, Ph.D. reviewed the medical records of over 17,000 sheet metal workers who had worked in the industry for more than 20 years and participated in a respiratory screening program.

The researchers tracked causes of death between 1986 and 2010 within this group and what role asbestos played.

The findings

Much like Australia, the US has significantly reduced the use of asbestos material in the building industry. Couple this with the fact that sheet metal workers rarely handle asbestos directly and you’d think that this group wouldn’t be affected by the related diseases. However, the statistics suggest otherwise.

A total of 6,636 workers in the original group had died over the years and over 800 deaths were from lung cancer. As well as this, 404 had died of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, 85 of mesothelioma and 11 from malignant neoplasm of the pleural (an offset of mesothelioma).

In fact, sheet metal workers were calculated as being seven times more likely to die of an asbestos-related disease than the general US population.

Medical Director at the Center for Construction Research and Training in Silver Springs, Dr. Laura Welch explained that this highlights the danger that asbestos poses to all workers.

“The most important thing to take from this study is that you didn’t have to work with asbestos directly to be in danger,” she told

“All you had to do is be around it.”

Asbestos compensation claims in NSW

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