Workers Compensation Claims for Emergency Workers

Police Officers – Fire Fighters – Paramedics – Ambulance Officers

Emergency workers including Police Officers, Fire Fighters and Paramedics are exempt from the workers compensation changes made in NSW during July 2012 and are still able to gain generous payouts.

Their entitlements generally include the following:

  1. Payments of reasonable medical expenses incurred as a result of the work related injury;
  2. Weekly compensation payments during any periods of partial or total incapacity;
  3. Lump sum claim for impairment and in some circumstances, a further lump sum for pain and suffering.

Medical Expenses

Obligation of the worker include the following:-

  • Seek appropriate medical treatment through guidance of a nominated treating doctor usually a General Practitioner;
  • Treatment required should be included in the ongoing medical certificates;
  • Any specialised treatment should be requested from the insurer for pre approval for example, physiotherapy, specialist consultation, radiology. The GP to provide a written reference for this;
  • Seek pre-approval from the insurer for any additional proposals made by the physiotherapist or specialist

Weekly Compensation

Obligation of the worker include the following:-

  • Obtain ongoing medical certificates from your nominated treating doctor supporting incapacity. The medical certificates are to be obtained on an ongoing basis.
– If partially incapacitated –

* A worker should seek suitable employment with the employer. If the employer provides suitable duties, the injured worker would be entitled to a make up component for the short fall of wages.

* If the employer is unable to provide suitable duties, the worker is obliged to seek suitable employment elsewhere. In the interim, the insurer will continue paying weekly compensation at 80% of the pre-injury earnings for a period no longer than 52 weeks.

Lump Sum Benefits

  • A worker is entitled to lump sum benefits depending on the level of impairment.
  • If the impairment is agreed by the insurer or determined by an Approved Medical Specialist to be 10% whole person impairment or more, a further lump sum benefit for pain and suffering is also payable.

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