Superannuation Permanent Disability (TPD) claim

Lodging a superannuation total and permanent disability claim known as a TPD claim requires delicate legal analysis of your policy and we at Gerard Malouf and Partners specialist compensation lawyers have run thousands of superannuation claims and disputes successfully.

Superannuation, income protection and TPD claims of this nature require detailed reading of your policy and we will provide an advice on a “no win-no fee” basis being compensation specialists.

The claims process is an exhaustive one and may take a matter of months to complete depending on the complexity of your case. At Gerard Malouf and Partners we are able to assist you in all aspects of your claim.

Certain requirements and restrictions with regards to what benefits you are entitled to claim will be explained upon receipt of your policy and supporting information.

We have summarised below some of the initial steps that need to be undertaken:

  1. Contact your TPD and or your Superannuation Fund and advise them that you would like to make a claim in relation to your policy for income protection or total permanent disability.
  1. When you receive the claim form fill in and return it to your Superannuation Fund provider or insurance company, depending on which company sends you the claim form. Attached will be a requirement that your doctor, preferably your medical specialist will need to sign a form along the lines” I certify that the patient is not fit to work in any occupation for which the patient has been trained or capable of performing in light of his / her education and qualifications in the future and has been off work at least 6 months.
  1. Complete any additional information requested by the insurer such as providing details of your earnings, medical reports supporting total and permanent incapacity.
  1. It is likely that the insurer will initially reject your claim. It is at this stage you should formally instruct our firm to act. Please forward a copy of your Superannuation Policy and any accompanying schedules to the writer and all correspondence received from the fund plus any medical evidence in your possession.
  1. In some instances if you have a previous personal injury claim with Gerard Malouf and Partners and if the medical assessment is supportive of your partial or total permanent impairment we will be able to obtain updated supplementary reports and reduce the costs of running your claim. It may be necessary to obtain a further medical specialist to assess your case.
  1. If your claim is approved by the Superannuation Insurer the amount offered may be substantially less than what was expected and we can assist in the matter and restart the application process and personally deal with the insurer to negotiate the correct amount of compensation.
  1. If your claim is completely denied we can assist you and provide advice in your matter as to prospects of success and at our cost engage an expert  barrister on your behalf. Be careful as time limits to sue apply!

At Gerard Malouf and Partners our specialist compensation and superannuation lawyers can deal with your rights under Superannuation Law for either a lump sum for partial and/or total impairment or income protection disputes.

We assist you on a without obligation basis initially to sort out the legal issues

Visit our Superannuation Lawyers website for full information on TPD Claims including case studies on this service area.

We are extremely experienced in this area of law and work on a no win fee basis. We are accredited personal injury specialists and have won over the last 12 months, in excess of $100 million in compensation for our clients Australia wide.

As regards our fees we will send a simple superannuation costs agreement, but we are the only firm Australia wide to include the fact that we will reduce our fees if your are dissatisfied, as we are very confident in our legal capacity to achieve the best possible result for you. We rarely need to reduce our fees!

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