Slip, Trip & Fall in Hotels, Pubs & Rental Properties Compensation

Accidents occur when we least expect it causing loss such as pain and suffering, wage loss, ongoing medical disabilities covering legs, arms, neck and back inhibiting a person’s ability to cook, clean, wash, work and look after others.  

We know that many individuals when attending hotels and pubs as well as visiting friends and family at their residential premises sustain injuries due to a fall, trip or slip and these people generally have a right of action against the Public liability Insurer of the owner of the premises known as a public liability claim.  An average case even for relatively minor injuries is generally worth $80,000.00 or more based upon an award for pain and suffering, potential wage loss if applicable, future homecare needs such as a few hours assistance to perform cooking, cleaning and gardening.  

The elderly in particular are at a disadvantage when a slip, fall or trip occurs as their pre-existing health problems are often increased and superimposed upon new injuries causing the injured person to rely more heavily on family and friends for homecare and gardening activities.  The costs associated with homecare are approximately $30.00 – $40.00 per hour and it is highly likely that an injured person might require commercial homecare of 40 hours per week which amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars at additional expense. 

Often we obtain awards of $200,000.00 – $300,000.00 even for elderly victims who have sustained a fall as result of an accident where we establish that the owner or person in control of the premises whether it be a hotel, pub, rental property or even a housing commission government owned property are at fault due to having unsafe premises.

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