Compensation for Sexual Abuse in Boys Homes


Sexual abuse in boys’ homes is a widespread issue in Australia with a long history. At Gerard Malouf and Partners, it is our job to expose institutions that have failed to protect children and get victims the compensation they deserve.

History of sexual abuse in boys’ homes

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse reports that children’s homes were created in 1852 in response to a growing concern of destitute children being held in prisons and roaming public spaces. However, because these homes were primarily started for the purpose of creating order, the quality of care of these homes was not a priority.

Ever since, the silencing of victims of sexual abuse in children’s homes has had a long history. If allegations were ever made, more often than not the authorities would shut the institution down out of fear of reputational damage and investigations into the sexual abuse would end there.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that sexual abuse was more directly and publicly addressed.

The Salvation Army

The victimiser can be the the adults in charge of the home or the fellow residents.

The Royal Commission investigated a case of institutional sexual abuse in The Salvation Army by the adults who ran the homes. This is not the first time the Salvation Army has been under investigation, either. Other incidents of assault have been reported in Melbourne and Perth in the 1940s and 1980s, according to the Guardian.

The process of making a claim

The NSW Government states that receiving a decision on your claim can take between six and 12 months. Some cases will take longer depending on the nature of the application.

NSW Government explains that sex abuse in boys homes compensation claims you must fill out an application that includes police reports and other evidence of psychological or physical harm from sexual violence such as counselling and medical reports.

This is where GMP can help – we will provide all of the resources to make a case and work with you every step of the way.

Your first step in all cases should be to report your complaint to the police for investigation. Then contact the sexual assault experts at Gerard Malouf & Partners who will help prepare the required documents that are submitted to the institution who has responsibility for compensation to you.

We are also attentive to how difficult it is for victims to even walk into our office. Our clients can be rest assured that we are known for our great compassion and patience when dealing with each sex abuse in boys homes claim. Contact us today for a free face-to-face consultation with our expert compensation lawyers or call our free call number 1800 004 878 in order to get the compensation for sex abuse in boys homes, you’re entitled to.

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