Compensation for Sex Abuse in Girls Homes

Sex abuse in girls’ homes is a prevalent issue in Australia. Women have come forward in recent years to receive compensation after experiencing years of abuse in these homes at the hands of “caregivers” when they were young girls. At Gerard Malouf and Partners, we pride ourselves on our lawyers who are experts at helping victims get the compensation they deserve.

The history

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse reports that children’s homes were created in 1852 to create more order and civility. In a special report on the NSW Parramatta Girls Industrial School (a high profile case of a girls’ home discovered to have abused young girls for decades) the Royal Commission explains that it was set up in 1887. It was designed to train girls from the welfare system or else reform those who had committed offences.

The girls first protested against the conditions at the school in 1941 then every year onwards until 1946, which prompted two investigations by the Child Welfare Advisory Committee.

A riot happened again in 1961 and Ms. Patton, a victim of child abuse at this school, recalls shouting ‘We’re being raped. We’re being tortured.” After that, she said she was arrested and forced to do hard labour for a month.

Parramatta Training School for Girls

Lawyers of the victims of sexual abuse at the Parramatta Training School for Girls started negotiating a settlement with the NSW Government in 2015.

The Royal Commission states that many women had contacted the Royal Commission and 16 gave evidence at the hearing. The incidents happened between 1950 and 1974 and led to the Royal Commission carrying out an analysis of the out-of-home care system in Australia and the compensation schemes available to victims.

Making a sex abuse in girls homes claim

First, you should notify a child welfare authority of the abuse. Then you will have to fill out a form that requires you to describe the sexual assault and the dates that it occurred, as well as any other relevant evidence.

Family Court Australia states that any evidence provided by a medical practitioner, a health professional, a counsellor or a police officer that could show that you’ve suffered psychological and physical damage from the abuse will help.

Receiving a decision can take between six and 12 months but some cases may take longer if they are more complicated, according to the NSW Government.

Your first step in all cases should be to report your complaint to the police for investigation. Then contact the sexual assault experts at Gerard Malouf & Partners who will help prepare the required documents that are submitted to the institution who has responsibility for your girls homes sex abuse compensation claim that are submitted to the institution who has responsibility for compensation to you.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners, we know how hard it is to disclose your traumatic experiences to strangers. But we are renowned for our compassionate legal team and will fight on your behalf to get you the sex abuse in girls homes compensation you deserve. Details of any sex abuse claims in girls homes stays confidential. Contact us today on 1800 004 878 so that we can evaluate your sex abuse in girls homes case and discuss your options.

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