Public Place Injury Compensation


Playgrounds, schools, common walkways & local council areas

Often people are injured in a public place by walking or moving about in areas where there is public access. These include playgrounds, schools, shopping centres, common walkways in buildings and when going to outdoor events such as concerts or indoor events at the Opera and movies where they fall over causing significant injuries to the neck, back, legs and arms.

Often the fall is a result of poor lighting, slippery and unsafe substances left on the walkway and the use by the owner of the building and/or person such as a cleaner or business owner that maintains public place whereby unsafe building materials are used in the construction of the public place.

Such items might be highly slippery tiles that do not have sufficient friction to stop people from falling over or areas which are highly used and the surface of the material upon which people walk and move about becomes damaged and highly dangerous.

Gerard Malouf and Partners Public Liability Compensation Lawyers is a highly specialised personal injury, public liability, negligence, and medical negligence law firm that specialises in falls, trips and public place accidents that cause significant injuries to people’s backs, legs, arms and requires them to undergo operative intervention and the need for ongoing homecare to perform personal task such as cooking, cleaning, washing, gardening and potentially the requirement for a wage loss claim. We at Gerard Malouf and Partners can help you with your public place injury claim.

We find that the elderly particularly are affected by such accidents and many of whom have very good claims for place injury compensation that could amount to many hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At Gerard Malouf and Partners we work on a “no win no fee” basis and there is no obligation to obtain our expert advice if you have been injured at a playground, school, common walkway or local council area. Nevertheless, if you feel you’ve sustained an injury at a public place, a public place injury lawyer of ours can help you receive compensation.

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