NSW Police Officers TPD Claims – Hurt on duty

It has been our experience that NSW Police Officers are experiencing difficulties in relation to the ongoing assessment of their Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claims in relation to their membership under the First State Super Scheme. The insurers involved in the assessment of the Basic cover and Police Blue Ribbon Scheme are TAL and MetLife respectively.

It has been noted in the media that some hurt on duty claims are taking in excess of 2 years to be assessed by the superannuation funds insurers. Medically discharged Police Officers are being scrutinised by the insurer and are experiencing additional stress due to the excessive intrusion during the assessment process and ongoing surveillance being conducted which has caused ongoing stress to those involved. Medical documentation used to support a medical discharge from the Police Force may not be considered in some circumstances during the assessment process. The insurer may not, in some circumstances, consider the proper definition of disablement in accordance with their policy.

If you have experienced difficulty with your insurer in relation to any matter relating to the NSW Police insurance scheme, whether you have lodged your claim yourself or are considering lodging a claim, you need to seek independent legal advice. You need to ensure that the insurer considers the appropriate definition of disablement in accordance with the policy and medical evidence in its entirety, not just evidence which supports their view of denial of their liability and to ensure your matter progresses in a timely manner.

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