Motor Vehicle Accidents Abroad Compensation

Sadly holiday accidents, particularly motor vehicle injuries occur whilst travelling overseas.

Motor vehicle accidents overseas can occur in the United States of America, particularly Los Angeles California, New York, Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Florida and San Francisco. These accidents could involve a motorcycle, a truck, a privately hired motor vehicle through Avis, Hertz or Budget, a bus, a taxi or as a pedestrian. Under American law and in particular, those laws applicable in California, the benefits for an injured person are very substantial and cover far more damages than would be applicable under Australian law.

The damages claimable in the USA cover significant amounts for pain and suffering, full wage or salary loss, home care needs such as personal care, cooking, gardening, travel requirements as well as loss of superannuation and future medical expenses. The awards of damages can be many millions of dollars but you should be aware that the charge rate of the American lawyers can be astronomical and needs to be negotiated very tightly upfront before commencing any legal engagement. It is not uncommon for lawyers in the USA to charge up to 50% of your verdict or settlement which is inappropriate.

Gerard Malouf and Partners are specialists in accident abroad claims involving motor vehicle accidents not only in the USA but throughout Europe, France, Italy, Spain and Germany. Our aim is to get our clients receive accident compensation abroad. We have the ability to manage your claim using our legal representatives in Europe and the United States of America with whom we negotiate fair and significantly reduced charge rates so that you receive maximum compensation rather than the overseas lawyer taking a vast amount in legal fees under their countries law. We also cover all of the costs to be incurred including medical reports, court filing fees and travel costs if necessary to visit doctors arranged by the Defendants and insurance companies across the world. We also thoroughly and adequately prepare your claim in Australia using top experts in their field such as Neurologists, Orthopaedic Surgeons, Forensic Accountants, General Surgeons and Psychiatrists if necessary.

Our accident abroad solicitors will act on a no-win/no-fee basis and negotiate the very best cost agreements so that you receive the maximum compensation for your injuries or injuries sustained by family members.

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