Faulty Workmanship Claims & Product Liability Lawyer

If you have been injured due to faulty equipment or workmanship then you may be able to claim public liability compensation.

Gerard Malouf & Partners Public Liability Compensation Lawyers are specialised in dealing with faulty workmanship claims. We sue manufacturers, builders, as well as retailers that promote and sell faulty products causing injury such as electrical items and, faulty household equipment etc. If you have sustained injury by a poor-quality productive, a defective product lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Injuries can arise from exploding gas bottles, poorly constructed furnishings and inadequate building structures which could involve the negligence of architects, engineers, builders and developers resulting in death, injury to face, back, arms and legs particularly for children.

Our no win no fee defective product lawyers are happy to assist an injured person and family members on a no obligation basis to investigate the merits of a public liability claim.  We have run tens of thousands of cases successfully over the last 30 years for our clients and are the only firm in Australia that is willing to reduce professional legal fees if our client has a genuine reason.

A product liability lawyer of ours is prepared to stand by our clients at any cost particularly when dealing with large insurance companies and major manufacturers who have overwhelming funds and legal resources to challenge individual Plaintiff’s. Gerard Malouf and Partners have the legal resources and financial backing as well as medical experts, engineering, and accounting experts to support our worthy clients’ pursuit of justice maximising their claim for compensation.

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