Dust Related Conditions Compensation

This involves any form of dust caused injury not referred to in the Schedule of ‘dust diseases’ meaning that time limitations and legislation, other than the Dust Diseases Act, 1989 will apply in bringing a claim for damages.

We have handled many dust related conditions claims involving occupational asthma and are currently preparing for a class action for a whole community exposed to copious quantities of dust arising from an illegal stock piling of building rubble.

Our most testing claims have involved being able to connect our client’s:

  • skin rashes and respiratory problems to an exposure to inhaling mold spores in his rented premises
  • neurological deficits and subsequent significant psychiatric illness to an exposure of inhaling a polyurethane resin dust over a significant period of time.

Some dust related conditions are not compensable but many are and at Gerard Malouf & Partners we have access to respiratory physicians, epidemiologists, environmental toxicologists that enable our highly experienced team to evaluate the potential of any dust related claim. With our no win no fee policy applying, seeking our guidance as to whether damages can be claimed for your respiratory condition is best done sooner than later, with no obligations attached. We will do our best to get you the dust related conditions compensation you’re entitled to.

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