Asbestosis Compensation

Asbestosis is a form of lung disease caused by short high-intensity or moderate long-term exposure to asbestos dust and fibre. It is caused when asbestos fibres are inhaled and become lodged inside a person’s lungs which causes scarring or “fibrosis” of the lung tissue and results in the lung becoming more rigid or restrictive This limits the lungs’ ability to expand and contract thereby restricting the ability to breathe in fresh air and expel used air, particularly after exertion.

The most common symptoms include shortness of breath, a dry cough, fatigue and pain.

Generally it takes between 5 and 20 years for symptoms of asbestosis to develop after first exposure to the asbestos fibres and generally there is a gradual deterioration of the fibrosis so that symptoms worsen over time.

This disease may shorten a life but more often than not it merely severely hampers what activities a person can do.

Even though there is no time limitation within which to bring a claim for damages arising from this disease any damages claim MUST be commenced whilst the client is alive. Until the level of disability arising from the condition is confirmed, at Gerard Malouf & Partners, we treat all such claims urgently until otherwise advised by your treating doctor.

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