Series of fatal car accidents in NSW

Date: Jun 26, 2012

While many collisions are minor and do not result in serious consequences, sometimes motorists are not so lucky.

Over the past month we have been continuously reminded of this, as there have been a string of fatal car accidents in the NSW region, according to police reports.

Just yesterday afternoon (June 26) a 19-year-old man died following a crash that occurred earlier this month in Orange.

At approximately 08:00 in the morning on June 12, two vehicles were involved in a serious collision at the intersection of Bathurst Road and Allenby Road.

The 19-year-old that passed away yesterday was taken directly to Westmead hospital, having sustained serious injuries. He was a passenger in the van.

The driver of the van – a 28-year-old – was also critically injured and went to hospital with broken ribs, but he survived.

Over the weekend another man was killed in a fatal car accident, this time near Forster at Coomba Park.

Two vehicles collided when they were travelling along Burraneer Road at approximately 12:45 in the afternoon on Saturday June 23.

Of these two vehicles, one was a Skoda sedan and the other was a Nissan navara. In the Skoda, there were a total of five passengers.

One of these passengers, an 89-year-old man, was found dead on the scene.

The others travelling in the car – two female adult passengers, a 16-year-old boy and the 64-year-old female driver – all survived the incident, however some suffered injuries.

Both of the female passengers had to be airlifted straight from the scene to John Hunter Hospital and the driver was taken to Manning Base Hospital.

The only one to escape without significant injury was the young boy, who could be treated by paramedics at the area of the accident.

The driver of the other vehicle- the Nissan navara – was also airlifted to John Hunter Hospital.

While the exact cause of the collision is unknown, this incident does serve as a sombre reminder of some of the risks driving on the road can bring.

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