Semi-trailer involved in collision near Bathurst

Date: Jul 15, 2011

A section of the Mitchell Highway was closed in both directions yesterday morning (July 14) as police investigated a fatal crash west of Bathurst.

This incident is currently being scrutinised by the Bathurst Crash Investigation Unit, which sealed off a section of the highway.

According to police reports, a truck travelling on the highway lost its cargo of heavy steel framing just before 09:00 on Thursday.

The load allegedly tipped off the truck and caused a series of serious accidents – crushing one car before spreading through the oncoming traffic.

The incident resulted in a number of injuries and one fatality and experts have yet to announce how the accident occurred.

A total of four other cars were involved in collisions with the loose cargo – the vehicles unable to avoid smashing into the metal framing as it suddenly appeared in their lane.

Occupants of four cars are reported to have suffered minor injuries and were treated on site before being taken to Bathurst Hospital for further medical consultation.

Emergency services report that they were able to extract the driver of the first car to be struck by the load – a female – from her wrecked vehicle but police say she had died from her injuries by the time the paramedics arrived on the scene.

A group of teenagers in a passing mini-bus witnessed the horrific incident and were treated for shock by medical staff on site.

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