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Seek expert legal advice about public liability claims

The last thing you might expect when heading down to the shops to pick up some groceries is to end up in hospital.

Yet that’s what could happen if you were to slip and injure yourself in a supermarket or trip over a hidden obstruction in a public walkway.

If your injuries go beyond a simple scratch or bruise, you may be able to seek compensation by making a public liability claim.

This compensation could cover your medical expenses and the ongoing cost of rehabilitation if this is required.

It could also compensate you for loss of income and superannuation if your injury prevented you from working for a period, any pain or suffering you have experienced, and for future needs which result from your injury, such as home modifications.

What are public liability claims?
It is possible to make a public liability injury claim in a wide variety of circumstances.

One common scenario is when an individual slips on a wet floor in a public area such as a supermarket. The liquid may have been left over from cleaners or could have gathered as a result of a leak above the store.

If the individual is injured as a result of their fall, they may be able to seek compensation from the store through a supermarket injury claim.

Another example is falling and hurting yourself while walking in a public area, due to loose gravel or another impediment to pedestrian safety.
Personal injury lawyers    
Because there are many different situations in which public liability injury compensation may be sought, it makes sense to get expert advice about what you can do.

Compensation lawyers are unique in that they focus solely on helping individuals seek monetary compensation for all forms of personal injury.

They know all about this area of law and bring years of experience to the table when assisting with your case.

Their speciality is working on behalf of individuals to maximise their compensation payouts from insurers.

While it is natural to be anxious about the cost of legal support for compensation claims, some personal injury lawyers operate on a No Win, No Fee basis.

This means that if they agree to take your case on, you will only be charged for their services if your compensation claim is successful.

They’ll even make the first consultation free, so it makes abundant sense to contact them if you ever need advice about public liability claims.

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