School bus accident injures children

Date: Mar 07, 2012

A public transport accident near Taree in the northeast of New South Wales has seen a number of school children injured and at least five people taken to hospital.

The crash occurred on Old Bar Road in Glenthorne at about 15:50 on March 6 as a school bus was taking students home.

Police say that the heavy vehicle collided with a car as it travelled along and that there were around 30 primary-aged children on board at the time.

Official reports indicate that three of the students were taken to hospital with various injuries, with one ambulance officer later telling reporters that one young victim – a 12-year-old boy – was admitted with minor head injuries and a shortness of breath.

Two adults were also taken to the nearby Manning Hospital after one was found by emergency services with chest injuries.

All five of the victims are understood to be in stable conditions.

With the bus no longer in a driveable condition, police made arrangements for a second transport vehicle to be made available to take the uninjured children back to their families.

The parents of the injured children were officially informed of the accident by police as soon as possible.

The road was closed for a number of hours as emergency services tended to the wounded before investigators began to examine the scene.

There has been no official word on how the collision came to occur and no reports on which – if either – of the drivers may have been at fault.

As it stands the case could still be ruled as a no-fault accident if it can be shown that unforeseeable circumstances were responsible for the damaging crash.

A previous collision in November 2011 saw a school bus in Narrandera connect with a van in a high-speed accident.

In that case the transport vehicle had been pulled over to pick up passengers when a van clipped the rear of the bus at speed, causing it to roll on its side.

While the causes may differ, the results urge drivers to be aware of their surroundings at all times when on the road.

Being able to file for compensation after a car accident can help to cover medical costs, but it does little to prevent the suffering inflicted on the victims.

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