Schofields crash kills passenger, traps two

Date: Nov 30, 2011

A car has collided with an earth-mover in a rural to the north west of Sydney, killing one passenger and trapping two other occupants.

Police say that the accident involved a Nissan Pulsar sedan and an excavator that was parked on the side of Townson Road at Schofields at around 01:15 on November 30.

Reports indicate that the male driver – aged in his 20s – may have lost control of his car before it smashed into the heavy vehicle, wedging the sedan under the earth-mover's chassis.

Ambulance Paramedics, Fire and Rescue personnel and Police officers from the Hawkesbury, Quakers Hill and Blacktown Local Area Commands were quick to arrive at the scene, finding two males and a female trapped in the wreckage.

Emergency services say it took them nearly an hour to free the male driver from the damaged vehicle, with his male passenger in the rear seat – also in his 20s – being released approximately 15 minutes later.

Rescue personnel – including the crew from a rescue helicopter called to the scene – struggled to free the female from her position in the front passenger seat, taking around 80 minutes to work on the debris enough to free her.

Unfortunately the woman – who was also aged in her 20s – had suffered severe injuries during the crash and died at the scene shortly after being removed from the wreckage.

Both men were taken to Westmead Hospital for treatment of a range of injuries – where they remain in a stable condition.

Speaking on the conditions surrounding the crash, inspector Brian O'Donoghue explained that detectives from the Metropolitan Crash Investigation Unit would begin examining the crash immediately, as the cause was not clear.

O'Donoghue told reporters: "We're not sure at this stage. It's a 60 kilometre speed limit along that section of road with a signposted bend of about 45 kilometres an hour.

"To lose control, yes, speed will be certainly something that the Crash Investigation Unit will be looking at. Drugs, alcohol and speed will be subject to the investigation."

The injured parties are likely to require ongoing treatments in order to get them back up to optimum health – an expensive process at the best of times but one that is made all that much harder if they are unable to work.

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