Scandal-hit plastic surgery clinic ‘attempting rebrand’

Date: Oct 12, 2017

A plastic surgery clinic that has recently been hit with a class action lawsuit, following a series of botched breast enlargement operations, is now attempting a rebrand to drum up business.

According to the Daily Telegraph, The Cosmetic Institute (TCI) is targeting divorcees, new mothers and women as young as 18 in an effort to revitalise sales.

Last month, five women spearheaded a class action lawsuit accusing the clinic of medical negligence due to a range of complications after breast augmentation surgeries.

One woman suffered a heart attack on the operating table midway through her surgery, but the doctor continued with the augmentation procedure after stabilising the patient.

A Professional Standards Committee Inquiry found the doctor guilty of unsatisfactory conduct. However, he remained unrepentant, claiming the woman would have been unsatisfied with her appearance if he had left the operation unfinished.

Clinic rebrand is “horrifying”

The Daily Telegraph has since obtained documents showing Macquarie Health may be acquiring TCI and intends to embark on an aggressive three-month marketing campaign.

The newspaper claims the initiative is aimed at key audiences, including “post divorce 35-45 years”, “Look at me 20-29 years” and “mummy makeovers 30-40 years”. The organisation plans to contact women over social media who have recently viewed beauty website content.

“To go after women they believe are vulnerable to body insecurities, like mothers or divorcees, to try and exploit their insecurities is horrifying,” Body Positive Australia Director Sarah Harry stated.

A previous Saturday Telegraph investigation revealed TCI had performed a number of cost-cutting measures that could put patients at risk.

The paper alleged doctors regularly supervise botox procedures via Skype, while graduates who failed their GP exams are allowed to perform complex breast surgeries.

Compensation for plastic surgery gone wrong

People who have undergone plastic surgery in NSW may be eligible for compensation if medical practitioners were negligent in their duty of care.

The class action against TCI, which was filed at NSW Supreme Court, has alleged a number of instances where negligence may have occurred, including disfigurements, infections, toxic levels of medication and lung punctures.

Doctors may also be negligent if they fail to properly inform patients of the risks involved with surgery.

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