SafeWork Australia labels trucking industry most dangerous in the country

Date: Nov 01, 2013

Reports of car accident injuries linked to large trucks are rampant throughout Australia, but now there is hard data that shows the trucking sector is the most dangerous industry in the country.

A new report released by SafeWork Australia shows that the road freight industry is still the most dangerous in Australia even with all the new safeguards and programs the country has implemented.

Between 2006-2007 and 2010-2011, the transport sector managed to lower occupational fatalities by 48 per cent, from 58 to 30. However, even this precipitous drop in fatalities wasn't enough to help the industry's reputation.

"Despite this, fatality rates in the road freight transport industry were roughly 10 times higher than those for all industries across the eight years up to 2011," Safe Work Australia said in the report.

Throughout the studied period, 352 people were killed in work-related accidents in the trucking sector. Among these, 78 per cent (275) occurred while the decedent was driving on a public road. Another 22 per cent occurred off public roads, including during loading and unloading operations, which saw 49 fatalities.

Another 12 fatalities were reported while employees were performing repair and maintenance work.

Strong case for car accident injury claims

The sector is not only a danger to its employees, but everyone on the road. The study showed that the most common cause of death in the industry was being struck by falling objects.

"Most of these fatalities involved a truck driver being struck by an object falling from the truck being unloaded or from the forklift being used,” the report explained.

Of those who weren't killed in an accident but still suffered car accident injuries, the most common cause of hospitalisation was sprains and strains, which made up 45 per cent, fractures at 13 per cent and contusions at 8 per cent.

The report also found that the most common cause of workers' compensation claims aren't related to fatalities, but rather hazards found on the open road. These include body stresses and falls from height, which are common when workers are loading and unloading goods or tarping their loads.

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