Ruttleys Road to get $2 million safety upgrade

Date: Jul 25, 2013

Ruttleys Road at Mannering Park is to receive safety improvements in a bid to reduce the number of crash fatalities and car accident injuries on this route frequented by heavy vehicles.

Approximately 8,500 vehicles use the road each day, and this includes trucks transporting coal from nearby mines.

Funding from the NSW government and Wyong Shire council will be directed to improving the route’s safety for these motorists, according to Roads minister Duncan Gay.

Mr Gay announced the project together with member for Swansea Garry Edwards on Tuesday (July 23).

“I’m delighted to visit Swansea to announce more than $2 million from the Road Toll Response Package for this important safety upgrade,” said Mr Gay in a statement.

“Mr Edwards has been strongly advocating for this project with Wyong Shire Council which will also contribute $200,000.”

According to Mr Edwards, there were 46 crashes on Ruttleys Road in the five years leading up to 2013, with five deaths and 24 people victims of car accident injury.

Most recently, three young people lost their lives in separate accidents in September and November of last year.

The work to improve the safety of the road will take place at several points between Pacific Highway and the Wyong and Lake Macquarie LGA boundary, Mr Edwards said, starting later this year and is expected to be completed in 2015.

This will involve the widening of road shoulders, resurfacing, new line markings, and the installation of guide posts and wire safety barriers.

It is hoped that these measures will lead to a reduction in the number of incidents that take place on the route.

“The NSW government and Wyong Shire Council recognised a need to improve the safety of motorists to reduce the likelihood of crashes occurring,” said Mr Gay.

The physical state of the route is just one factor that can influence the likelihood of accidents on a particular roadway.

Others can be more unpredictable, such as the weather and the behaviour of other drivers.

Drivers, vehicle occupants, pedestrians and cyclists that are injured in car accidents in NSW may be able to seek injury compensation.

This includes in situations when the other car and driver cannot be identified, such as with hit and run accidents.

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