Road Safety Plan 2021 aims to reduce car accident fatalities

Date: Mar 23, 2018

The NSW Government has unveiled a new road safety framework that is designed to lower the state's car accident fatalities to zero within four decades.

The state government will set new road safety targets every ten years, as well as review existing objectives every five years. The first milestone is a 30 per cent reduction in road fatalities from 2008-10 levels by 2021, but the ultimate goal is to lower deaths to zero by 2056.

"We have made progress in saving lives on NSW roads, achieving the lowest road toll of 307 in 2014 – the lowest since records began in 1923," said Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Melinda Pavey last month.

"[But] while we are nowhere near the peak of 1,384 fatalities in 1978, the road toll has been slowly increasing since 2015."

What key areas does the Road Safety Plan target?

The priority areas are outlined in the Road Safety Plan 2021 report. They include:

  • Deaths on country roads: Fatalities are four times higher on country roads than in inner-city areas, so the state government wants to improve infrastructure and target high-risk areas.
  • Road safety operations: Minimising poor decision-making among drivers is crucial, with investment geared towards preventing drink and drug driving, as well as other risky behaviours.
  • Innovative vehicle technology: Human error is responsible for 94 per cent of crashes. New and proven technology developments can help mitigate these mistakes.
  • Building better partnerships: The NSW Government is looking to strengthen relationships with local and state road authorities, businesses, education providers, vehicle manufacturers and other organisations involved with road safety.
  • Busy urban areas: Reducing accidents in congested parts of metropolitan areas is key, with pedestrian fatalities an important focus, as they account for 17 per cent of all deaths and nine per cent of injuries.

Have you been involved in a car accident?

Someone is hospitalised or dies because of a crash every 41 minutes in NSW, state government figures show. Last year, 392 people lost their lives in traffic accidents and more than 12,000 sustained serious injuries.

The Road Safety Plan could make great strides in reducing these figures, but the targets are ambitious and some measures will take years, if not decades, to implement.

In the meantime, anyone who is injured in a car accident in NSW can claim compensation for the financial burden and emotional strain that crashes cause.

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