Road safety especially vital in November – NSW police

Date: Nov 02, 2015

As we enter November, it is easy to start thinking about the end of the business year and the summer ahead. However, while all this is just around the corner, this isn't time to drop concentration out on state roads.

According to NSW police, November is historically one of the worst months of the year for car accident injuries and deaths. In 2014, there were 29 deaths in NSW  and this has prompted police to put out a safety warning.

State Operations Commander for the Traffic & Highway Patrol Command, Superintendent Stuart Smith explained that in the lead up to the end of the business and school years, drivers of all ages need to take their responsibilities more seriously.

"While we have had two years' worth of record low-fatality rates, this year will likely increase," Superintendent Smith said.

"We know that speed, fatigue, drink or drug driving, not wearing a seat belt or proper helmet, and being distracted by mobile phones are all significant risks in serious injury or fatal crashes on our roads."

Mr Smith said November was an excellent time to remind drivers of the 1,345 Traffic & Highway Patrol Officers who monitor road safety across the state. Despite these figures, road users are ultimately responsible for their actions.

Western Sydney slow down campaign

As one of the fastest growing regions in Sydney, road safety in the western suburbs is constantly a hot topic. To address this, Transport for NSW has teamed up with the Western Sydney Wanderers to launch 'who do you slow down for?'

The campaign plays off the A-League team's 'who do you sing for?' chant and involves addressing the speed limit and slowing down for its supporters and the wider community.

Minister for Roads Duncan Gay said that speed was a major factor in 127 deaths last year and welcomed the involvement of the Western Sydney Wanderers.

"Males aged between 17 and 29 are over-represented in fatal and injury crashes, which make the Wanderer's core supporters the perfect audience to communicate our safety messages to," he explained.

"Dario Vidosic, Jacob Pepper, Andrew Redmayne and Scott Neville are all lightning fast on the field, but when it comes to being behind the wheel, these players know how important it is to stick to the speed limit and drive to the conditions."

NSW car accident compensation

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