Risk lives long after asbestos exposure

Date: Jun 03, 2014

A new study has confirmed what many health experts already believe – even years after asbestos exposure, the risk of developing Mesothelioma never decreases or diminishes.

The study by Curtin University in Western Australia titled ‘Mesothelioma Risk After 40 Years Since First Exposure to Asbestos: A Pooled Analysis’ looked at eight patient groups from both Australia and Italy.

The 22,000 patients across 862 cases came from a range of job backgrounds and exposure sources and were put through full medical testing. Researchers found that the toxicity of asbestos never decreases within the body.

“While the rate of increase appears to start to level out after 40 to 50 years, no one survives long enough for the excess risk to disappear,” Dr. Alison Reid, lead author at the university said.

After 40 years since first exposure, the study found 44 per cent of pleural Mesothelioma cases and 54 percent of the peritoneal Mesothelioma were diagnosed. Even after 50 years, 13.3 per cent of pleural and 23.2 per cent of peritoneal cases were diagnosed.

The findings were published in Thorax journal and studied both people who were exposed on the job to asbestos as well as those exposed in the home environment.

In a press release, Surviving Mesothelioma’s Managing Editor, Alex Strauss said this study highlighted the importance of medical checkups for people who were exposed close to half a century ago.

“There is a message here for anyone with a history of asbestos exposure to remain diligent, know the symptoms of Mesothelioma, and continue to have regular physicals, even if the exposure was decades ago,” he said.

This study is the first to highlight the indefinite risk of developing the cancer and is important in educating the wider community about the long term affects of asbestos exposure.

According to the Australian Council of Trade Unions, more than 500 Australians die each year from asbestosis or Mesothelioma. This is expected to rise in coming years with developments of older buildings becoming more commonplace.

Asbestos compensation claims in NSW

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