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Rise in road accident injuries nationwide: report

Despite the best efforts of the federal government, police and traffic officers nationwide, the accidents on our roads are not decreasing – or at least not according to a report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

The AIHW released Trends in Serious Injury Due to Land Transport Accidents, Australia 2000-1 to 2008-9 yesterday (June 18).

The comprehensive report shows that there has been a marked increase in the number of people injured in road accidents over the nine year period – 138.3 per 100,000 to 156.7.

In addition, there was a rise in motorcycle injuries and regular cycling injuries.

AIHW spokesman Professor James Harrison said: “Rates rose more steeply for cases involving motorcyclists (6.8 per cent) and pedal cyclists (6.9 per cent).

“The rise was still sharper for cases involving males aged 45-64 years as motorcyclists (14.7 per cent) and pedal cyclists (14.0 per cent).”

These findings suggest that the roads are a particularly dangerous place to be if you are riding a motorbike.

The AIHW also released two other reports – which outlined the prominence of motorbike accidents.

“In 2008-09, motorcyclists had by far the highest rate, with 1,346 serious injury cases per 100,000 registered vehicles,” Mr Harrison said.

“This was ten times the corresponding rate for car occupants,” he added.

Here in New South Wales there was a serious motorbike accident over last weekend, on Sunday June 17.

Two passengers – a male and a female – were riding a motorcycle along Ligar Street in Fairfield West when they were involved in a crash with another vehicle.

However, when police arrived on the scene the other car was nowhere in sight – according to the two motorbike passengers, it did not stop after the collision.

Both of them sustained injuries and were taken to Liverpool Hospital “in a serious condition,” according to an official police report.

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Often motorcyclists need to seek professional legal advice when involved in incidents as it is sometimes common for drivers to place the blame on them, stating they were not wearing adequate protection or using appropriate lighting.

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