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Reckless driving taking a toll on the state

The New South Wales police force is constantly issuing statements to enforce road rules and remind people to drive safely.

Yet despite their best efforts in protecting the roads, some motorists are still being reckless when they are behind the wheel.

Dangerous driving can result in tragic fatal car accidents, or situations where innocent passengers are left in states of catastrophic injury.

The police are doing what they can to catch reckless motorists before they cause harm to themselves or others, but they are also urging people to be careful and drive safely.

Superintendent Stuart Smith, the operations commander of traffic and highway patrol, said that last weekend there were a concerning amount of incidents on the region’s roads, prompting him to issue yet another reminder to drivers.

“It has been a very busy weekend for our traffic and highway patrol command officers across the state,” he said in a statement on Monday (July 23).

“It’s frustrating to us that our repeated messages do not seem to be getting through to motorists,” he added.

Traffic incidents pulled up by officers included speeding, defect vehicles and driving under the influence.

Police conducted more than 800 random drug tests and 19 came back positive, suggesting that many people do not think twice about getting behind the wheel when they have illegal substances in their system.

Three tests were also positive for alcohol, and one of these offenders was a 19-year-old driver on his P-Plates.

Superintendent Smith said that the people he caught should be grateful that they did not end up involved in a car accident.

“Those drivers that we have intercepted and dealt with over the weekend should take some comfort out of the fact that they got home safely,” he asserted.

Mr Smith also made reference to the sombre statistics that reflect the road toll this year to-date, suggesting that it could rise higher if people continue to break the law when they are driving.

“To date this year we have lost 215 people in 198 crashes across the state and yet drivers continue to speed or continue to drive while under the influence of alcohol and drugs,” he said.

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