Reckless driving results in real consequences

Date: Jun 01, 2012

There is no denying that a reckless approach to driving may result in real consequences – be they a traffic ticket, a small collision or even a fatal car accident.

When you are behind the wheel of a car you have certain responsibilities to adhere to. If you fail to follow simple road rules, apply adequate concentration and be aware of possible hazards, you could risk your own life as well as those of your fellow drivers.

The reality is that we all share the region’s roads with many other people. Whether you drive a personal vehicle, a bus or a motorcycle – or even if you are a pedestrian crossing the road or a cyclist using allocated lanes – it is important to be courteous, sensible and most importantly, aware.

Everyone has a right to use the streets and when this right is compromised by reckless drivers, the results can be fatal.

If you are ever the victim of an incident on the road, you may like to know that you could be eligible to receive car accident compensation.

There are lawyers in Sydney that specialise in these types of cases, helping you to claim what you are owed.

Although going through legal processes straight after an accident may seem difficult, it could be very worthwhile in the long run – especially if you have sustained injuries, as medical treatment and consultation can be costly.

Catastrophic injury may also mean that you miss out on work or have to give up your career. In some cases, car accident compensation can cover you for the money you would be earning had you not been in a crash.

It is hoped that this will never happen to you but reckless driving is a problem on the roads. Even those with the best intentions can occasionally lose sight of the rules and put others in danger.

Just yesterday (May 31) a P-plate driver was caught speeding through a school zone in Badgerys Creek, resulting in the NSW police force’s traffic and highway patrol operations commander issuing a reminder everyone to exercise more care near schools.

Highway patrol officers were enforcing speed limits in Badgerys Creek when a 21-year-old man passed through the zone travelling at 101 kilometres per hour – more than sixty kilometres over the speed limit.

His driver’s licence was suspended immediately and the man was charged with a $2,041 fine.

Superintendent Stuart Smith said he hoped the driver would learn from his mistake.

“Traffic and Highway Patrol officers will continue to enforce speed and mobile phone use in school zones before and after school to ensure the safety of schoolchildren and their families,” Mr Smith added.

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