Random drug tests return 29 positive results

Date: Sep 18, 2012

The NSW police force regularly performs high visibility operations on the state’s roads to enforce the law, discourage reckless behaviour and help to ensure the safety of motorists.

These operations may target anything from speeding to using a mobile phone while driving.

The latest campaign specifically targeted motorists who were driving under the influence of drugs.

Over the weekend (September 14-16), more than 800 random drug tests were conducted by officers from the NSW police force’s Traffic and Highway Patrol in three key areas – Penrith, Lake Illawarra and Wagga Wagga.

Police chose these areas because there have been a number of crashes at these locations where drug driving could have been an influential factor.

There was also a music festival on in Penrith – drugs are often prevalent at these types of events.

More than half – 503 – of the random drug tests were conducted in Penrith, with ten motorists returning positive results.

To coincide with the festival, 1,912 breath tests were also carried out, returning four positive results.

Although less random drug tests were performed in Wagga Wagga and Lake Illawarra, around the same amount of people were arrested for driving under the influence of drugs.

Eleven positive results came from 183 random tests in Lake Illawarra, and eight from 116 in Wagga Wagga.

The combined total from all three of these suburbs is 29.

Superintendent Stuart Smith said that this number was too high – it seems that motorists are not getting the message about the dangers of drug driving.

“The results of these operations highlight that too many drivers are getting behind the wheel while drug-affected,” he said in a statement issued Monday (September 17).

“Traffic and Highway Patrol officers will continue to perform numerous Random Drug Testing operations over the coming months in a bid to get drug drivers off the road before they harm themselves or other innocent parties,” he added.

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