Queanbeyan project set to reduce car accidents

Date: Jun 16, 2014

Reducing road accidents and improving safety is the key goal of a new joint $50 million roading infrastructure project near Queanbeyan, in south-western New South Wales.

Announced earlier this month by Acting Prime Minister Warren Truss and NSW Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner, a 4.6 km two-lane bypass will be built in the region, with half of the funding provided from the federal government and the rest coming from the state.

Minister Truss said the bypass, which will link the end of Ellerton Drive to Old Cooma Road, is a crucial piece of infrastructure for the thousands of vehicles that pass through the area each day.

“The extension of Ellerton Drive will provide an alternative route for traffic wanting to bypass Queanbeyan’s busy CBD and improve road safety,” he said.

Construction on the bypass is expected to commence mid-2015 and Deputy Premier Stoner emphasised this can’t come soon enough for the close to 40,000 residents of Queanbeyan.

“A Queanbeyan Bypass will not only ease congestion in the CBD but will provide better access for new housing estates in the area and maintain connection between east and west Queanbeyan during a 1 in 100 year flood,” he said.

By the time the bypass is completed in 2017, Roads Minister Duncan Gay said local residents will have been waiting for close to twenty years.

“This project had been promised for more than a decade and the Australian and NSW Coalition governments are working hand-in-hand to help the Council deliver this great project for the Monaro,” he said.

With the bypass providing an alternative route for heavy vehicles, there should be fewer accidents inside the Queanbeyan CBD as trucks can connect to the Kings Highway without entering the city limits. It should also give residents in nearby Canberra a quicker route home with the extension allowing a seamless journey from the highway to the southern suburbs.

Any infrastructure projects which can improve safety are welcomed in NSW, where more than 150 people have already lost their lives on state roads this year. This is a 9 per cent increase over the number of fatalities recorded at this time in 2013.

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