Put safety first this Christmas – NSW Police

Date: Dec 21, 2012

The NSW Police Force is hoping for a relatively quiet holiday season. They do not want to be called to scenes of fatal car accidents or pull over drink drivers.

It is not that they do not want to do their job – they just want to see the roads free of carnage and irresponsible driving.

They want families to stay safe over the holiday period so that they do not have to make visits to families to inform them of an accident.

This is the message that officers are trying to get across in their latest campaign, “Don’t let us come to your house” – Operation Safe Arrival.

The operation will begin at 12:01 on Friday December 21 and continue for 15 days throughout the festive season – it will come to a conclusion on January 4 at 11:59.

Assistant commissioner John Hartley, the commander of the NSW Police Force’s Traffic and Highway Patrol, said that officers will be maintaining a very high profile over these 15 days, so he is warning people not to take risks or to break the law.

“You are twice as likely to be breath-tested, have your speed checked or be spoken to by police during Operation Safe Arrival,” assistant commissioner Hartley said in a statement.

“That means if you are foolish enough to break the law, you are twice as likely to be caught.”

Assistant commissioner Hartley added that the police would rather issue infringement notices and exercise disciplinary action than let any reckless drivers continue to roam the roads.

He explained that their job is to protect people’s lives and that they would not be letting anyone off the hook.

“Every day, we will be forced to suspend licences, seize vehicles and hand out fines to those who seem happy to put road-users’ lives’ at risk,” he said.

“We much prefer taking these actions than knocking on the door of a family home late at night to tell a poor mother her son is dead. There is nothing worse than having to break heartbreaking news at this time of year. The horrible experience stays with the family, and the police officer, forever.”

In 2011-12’s Operation Safe Arrival, police caught more than 800 motorists drink driving, and more than 12,000 were issued with speeding infringements.

Double demerit points will also be issued over this period.

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