Young Western Sydney woman receives over $320,000 following failure to monitor opioid usage

PUBLISHED 28 Jun 2018

The client was 26 year old woman from Western Sydney who sustained brain damage, respiratory distress and psychological injuries following an operation at a local Western Sydney hospital.

On 28 October 2015, the client was admitted to Nepean Hospital for a standard neurological procedure. Following the procedure she was discharged to the intensive care unit. The client’s stay within the intensive care unit was only a short one as she was quickly discharged to the neurological unit on 30 October 2015.

In the early hours of 31 October 2015 the client began to suffer “electric shock like” sensations lasting up to 20 minutes.  The client cried out continuously for help but no one came to her assistance.

By 11am that morning the client’s mother had found him in the bed where she had turned blue and suffered from a cardiac arrest. The client was resuscitated and preliminary CT scans showed brain damage.

Shortly after meeting with Leslie Abboud the Clients signed a cost agreement and all clinical notes in relation to the treatment the client sustained from the hospital. These were reviewed and provided to an expert in neurological surgery who commented on the negligence as well as the failures of care by the hospital.

The report found that the hospital should not have allowed the client to be discharged from the intensive care unit so early and as a secondary issue due to the type of surgery which had obtained she should not have had unrestricted access to opioid pain killers.

With the liability evidence to support our clients claims, personal injury proceedings, documentation was completed and filed with the District Court NSW. The client was assessed to determine the amount of damage she had sustained both physically and psychologically.

Shortly after these medical reports were obtained Leslie Abboud organised a mediation to occur between our office and the insurance company for the at fault hospital.

Ultimately each of these matters settle for over $320,000 to the client.

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