Young apprentice awarded $580,000 in compensation after Motor Vehicle Accident

PUBLISHED 08 Aug 2017

We acted on behalf of Mr A, a 21 year old apprentice from Western Sydney. Mr A was involved in a motor vehicle accident while he was riding his motorcycle along a quiet road in Penrith NSW. Our client was trying to turn right when another vehicle failed to give way and turned into our clients path, colliding into the ride side of his motorcycle. As a result of the accident Mr A sustained serious injuries to his right hand, right knee, and right leg and was taken to hospital where he underwent surgery and extensive treatment.

Due to the serious nature of his injuries, Mr A was unable to resume his pre-injury employment duties and was left unemployed and requiring extensive treatment and care from his family. Unaware of his rights and entitlements to seek compensation, Mr A contacted our team of Personal Injury Lawyers to obtain legal advice and assistance. 

Mr A was assisted by a Senior Personal Injury Specialist, Mr Ray Abbas from Gerard Malouf and Partners who helped him complete and lodge a personal injury claim form with the CTP insurer.  Due to the obvious breach of duty of care by the driver of the other vehicle, the CTP Insurer admitted liability in the matter and a Section 81 Notice was issued.

In addition to the above, the CTP insurer agreed to pay for our client’s reasonable and necessary expenses for treatment of the injuries which relate to the motor vehicle accident.

Prior to the subject accident Mr A was independent and fully capable of carrying out physical activities around the family home. He was also employed on a fulltime basis as a third year apprentice shop fitter. As a result of the accident Mr A was unable to return to work at any capacity and remained unemployed for an extensive period with the possibility of never being able to return to work that is physical in nature.  

Due to the severity of the injuries and ongoing disabilities suffered by Mr A and the impact that the accident had on his employment opportunities, Mr Abbas organised for our client to be assessed by an Orthopaedic Surgeon, Occupational Therapist, Psychologist and Occupational Physician to determine the full extent of his injuries and the impact that the accident will continue to have on his life in regards to his employment, need for further treatment and care.

Upon receipt of the medical evidence our Compensation Lawyers obtained, the CTP insurer took into consideration the strength of the claimant’s medical evidence and agreed to participate in an informal settlement conference to discuss the matter and to try to resolve it without causing any further delay.

After extensive negotiations, the insurer made a final offer in the amount of $580,000. Whilst this offer did not reflect the true value of the case as our Personal Injury Lawyers were confident of achieving a higher settlement sum for Mr A if the matter proceeded to CARS for general assessment, Mr A was not prepared to delay the case any further and instructed our solicitors to accept the offer as he was content to resolve the matter as soon as possible and get on with his life.

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