Workers Compensation Insurer Pays Half Million Dollars in Compensation for an Injured Assistant in Nursing

PUBLISHED 31 May 2018

It is not unusual for workers compensation insurer’s to pay substantial sums of money in a workers compensation claim. Many believe that the compensation amounts paid by insurers under the workers compensation scheme are not significant and this is because many simply look at the value of the impairment lump sum paid to the injured worker.

The amount of compensation that our workers compensation insurer contributes towards goes beyond just a lump sum claim for impairment. Compensation is also paid with regards to, but not limited to the following:

  • Payments of medical expenses
  • Travel expenses incurred when travelling to and from medical treaters and examiners
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Aids, home modification and domestic assistance
  • Weekly compensation payments during periods of incapacity
  • Lump sum claim for impairment

In addition to the above, if the injured worker has an impairment rating of 15% whole person impairment (WPI) or higher, they would also be entitled to investigate a work injury damages claim (common law negligence claim). This additional claim will allow the injured worker additional compensation for damages.

With the combined compensation under the statutory entitlements and common law proceedings, a workers compensation insurer usually pays substantial sums of money in compensation towards an injured worker.

The scenario for our injured nursing assistant was simply that. The nurse assistant had received the statutory entitlements under the workers compensation scheme of just under $230,000. As she had an impairment rating satisfying the threshold 15% WPI, she was also able to pursue a work injury damages claim and with that, she was successful in receiving damages of just under $300,000.

The tally of compensation paid by the insurer towards this injured nurse being slightly in excess of $500,000.

At Gerard Malouf & Partners we ensure that our clients receive the maximum possible through their statutory entitlements under the workers compensation scheme. If the impairment rating matches the threshold of 15% WPI or higher, we then seek to obtain maximum compensation for damages under the work injury damages claim as well. Our aim is to achieve highest compensation at all levels throughout the claim for our injured clients. Understanding that injured workers have a limited opportunity for compensation, at GMP Lawyers we endeavour to reap the best benefit at each level.

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