Woman Receives $175,000 Compensation After Falling Down Dark Staircase in Penrith Unit Block

PUBLISHED 05 Apr 2017

After visiting a friend at their unit on the third floor of a unit block in Penrith our client went to leave, noticing the lights in the stairwell had broken. As she attempted to navigate her way down the stairs she lost her footing, landing heavily and sustaining injury to the foot and ankle including a fracture and soft tissue damage. The injuries required our client to be placed into a CAM boot for several weeks and unable to work for several months. This prompted her to contact Gerard Malouf & Partners specialist personal injury claim lawyers to enquire about her rights to claim compensation for injuries.

Our expert team of public liability claims lawyers were able to gather evidence regarding the broken lights and organised for an engineer to attend the premises to take readings of the lighting and prepare a report of his findings. This report would be used in time to help prove the strata owners of the unit block had failed in their responsibility to maintain a safe environment for those attending the premises.

A personal injury claim allows the injured person to claim compensation for their pain and suffering, treatment expenses, lost wages and domestic care and assistance. Our public liability lawyers obtained reports and evidence to support our client’s claim for injury compensation. Whist our client had made a good recovery from her injuries and had returned to work, she still had some ongoing issues with the foot and ankle which caused her pain and discomfort from time to time.

After service of all of our evidence in support of our client’s claim the defendant invited us to participate in a settlement conference. We were able to successfully negotiate a settlement of our client’s claim for compensation in the amount of $175,000. Our client was ecstatic that such a result could be achieved without the need of going to a court hearing.

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